Christmas Season Package B
(1st Dec 2022 to 12th Feb 2023)

From $268.00

Choice Of 7 Main Courses, 1 dessert,
Blue Pea Rice & Sambal Timun 

Available On The Following Dates Below. 

1st Dec 2022 to 12th Feb 2023

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--- AYAM (Chicken) ---
Ayam Buah Kelauk
Ayam Curry
Ayam Santan Satay
Ayam Goreng
Ayam Tempra
--- UDANG (Prawns) No Shell ---
Udang Sambal
Udang Chilli
Udang Assam Goreng
Udang Assam Nanas Pedas
Udang Tomatoes
--- SAYOR (Vegetable) ---
Nonya Chap Chye
Sayor Lodeh
Sambal Tau Hoo
--- BABI (Pork) ---
Babi Pong Tay
Babi Tempra
Satay Babi
Babi Assam Pedas
--- SOTONG (Squid) ---
Sotong Assam Goreng
Sotong Sambal
--- IKAN (Fish) ---
Ikan Assam Nanas Pedas
Ikan Sambal Goreng
Ikan Tempra
Otah Otah
Ikan Assam Manis
Ikan Chuan Chuan
--- SOUP ---
Bak Wan Kerpiting Soup
Hee Peow Soup
Itek Tim
--- NASI & NOODLES ---
Nonya Mee
Mee Siam
Mee Sau Tow
Mee Goreng
Mee Hoon Goreng
Nogh Hiang
Beef Rendang
Mutton Rendang
Itek Sio
Woo Sit Goreng (Foo Yong Hai)
Bak Wan Kerpiting Goreng
--- CHICKEN ---
Fried Chicken with Cashew nut
Hainanese Chicken Chop
Shrimp Paste Chicken Sauce
--- PORK ---
Hainanese Pork Chop
Sweet & Sour Pork
--- PRAWN (No Shell) ---
Butter Prawn
Black Pepper Prawn
Roasted Skin Prawn with Oyster Sauce
Fried Prawn with Tomatoes Sauce
--- Duck ---
Braised Sea Cucumber Duck
Mixed Vegetable (Lou Han Chye)
Golden Bean Curd with Vegetable
Spicy Beancurd
Braised Mushroom with Broccoli
Chinese Beef Steak
Black Pepper Beef
--- FISH ---
Sweet & Sour Fish
Slice Fish with Ginger
Lemon Fish
--- RICE / NOODLE ---
Fried Hong Kong Noodle
Yang Chow Fried Rice
--- Dessert ---
Chen Dool
Sago Gula Melaka
Bo Bo Cha Cha (Cold)
Bo Bo Cha Cha (Hot)
Pulut Hitam
Chin Chow Longan
Water Chestnut With Coconut Milk
Longan Jelly
Sea Coconut Jelly
Chin Chow with Longan
--- Optional ---
Buah Keluak (Nuts) 5 nuts (+$15.00)
Buah Keluak (Nuts) 10 nuts (+$30.00)
Buah Keluak (Nuts) 15 nuts (+$45.00)
Buah Keluak (Nuts) 20 nuts (+$60.00)
--- Optional ---
Kueh Pie Tee (25 pcs) (+$48.00)
Kueh Pie Tee (50 pcs) (+$88.00)

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